Issues & Priorities


  • End regulations that hurt small business
  • Accurate estimates of the real costs for all spending bills
  • Buy American and hire American should be our priorities
  • Fair trade with all
  • Return jobs from foreign countries, return manufacturing to America

Law Enforcement

  • Enforce the laws, don’t break them
  • Unify behind law enforcement and support the victims of crimes, not the lawbreakers
  • Continue the fight against MS-13 and any other groups that threaten our way of life


  • Establish a new evaluation process to identify struggling schools
  • Limit voucher use. Should not be a replacement process for failing schools
  • Best education decisions are made at the local level
  • Modify Common Core to take into the account the needs of students, teachers, and parents or eliminate it completely
  • Strengthening our vocational school and job readiness programs

Social Stances

  • Religion should be respected, not targeted
  • People should never be discriminated against due to their race or sexual orientation
  • Support the poor through welfare to work programs
  • Focus on the Opioid Crisis and other drug related matters
  • Make sure that Americans on disabilities are properly being supported
  • Provide extended support to Military Veterans, especially those struggling

Foreign Policy

  • A strong military to protect our way of life
  • No nation building, our nation comes first
  • Call out nations that target our intellectual property rights and hold them accountable
  • Stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel
  • Scrap the Iran Deal that Chris Murphy supported

Science, Technology, and the Environment

  • Private-Public partnership needed for NASA
  • Government should be held accountable for unwarranted surveillance on innocent citizens
  • Encourage both space and underwater exploration
  • Look at alternative sources of energy as long as they don’t stifle economic growth