Key Issues & Priorities

Key Issues

  • Individual Liberties and Constitutional Rights
  • Protecting Constitutional Rights: Defend the First and Second Amendments and ensure all constitutional freedoms are upheld.
  • Election Integrity: Implement measures to ensure secure and fair elections.

Parental Rights

  • Ban all mandates that infringe on personal freedoms.
  • Protect women’s sports by ensuring fair competition.
  • Ban Critical Race Theory in schools.
  • Allow parents to audit school curriculums.

Economic Prosperity

  • Fair Trade Deals: Advocate for trade agreements that benefit American workers and businesses.
  • Energy Independence: Promote policies that make the U.S. energy independent and reduce reliance on foreign oil.
  • America First: Encourage policies that prioritize buying and hiring American.
  • Regulation Reform: Eliminate regulations that stifle business growth and innovation.
  • Job Creation: Bring back overseas jobs and manufacturing to revitalize local economies.


  • Finish The Wall: Complete the border wall to enhance national security.
  • Reinstate Title 42: Maintain public health protections at the border.
  • Support Border Patrol: Provide resources and support to border patrol agents.
  • Combat Trafficking: Stop human and drug trafficking through strengthened enforcement.
  • Remain in Mexico Program: Reinstate policies that ensure secure and orderly immigration processes.

Educational Reform

  • School Choice: Support policies that give parents the freedom to choose the best educational options for their children.
  • Vocational Training: Bring trades back to school to prepare students for high-demand jobs.
  • Ban Child Grooming in Schools: Protect children from inappropriate content and influences.
  • Funding Flexibility: Ensure that education funding follows the student, including for homeschooling.
  • Job Readiness: Strengthen vocational schools and job readiness programs to align with market needs.

Social Policies and Health

  • Fix the VA and Social Security: Reform the Veterans Affairs system and ensure the sustainability of Social Security.
  • Combat Drug Crisis: Address the opioid, fentanyl, and broader drug crisis through comprehensive strategies.
  • Religious Freedom: Ensure that religious practices are respected and not targeted.
  • Healthcare Reform: Lower prescription drug and healthcare prices to make healthcare more affordable.
  • Veteran Support: Provide extended support to military veterans and their families.

Foreign Policy

  • Scrap the Iran Deal: Terminate agreements that do not benefit national security.
  • America First Foreign Policy: Avoid nation-building and prioritize U.S. interests.
  • Strong Military: Maintain a powerful military to protect American interests.
  • Global Accountability: Hold nations like China and Russia accountable for their actions.
  • Allies Support: Stand with key allies, including Israel and Ukraine, to promote global stability.

Science, Technology, and Environment

  • Big Tech Accountability: Ensure tech companies respect free speech and privacy.
  • Promote Exploration: Support space and underwater exploration to advance scientific knowledge.
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Encourage collaboration with NASA and other agencies for innovation.
  • Surveillance Oversight: Hold the government accountable for unwarranted surveillance.
  • Alternative Energy: Explore alternative energy sources without stifling economic growth.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety

  • Support Law Enforcement: Back the blue and first responders with necessary resources.
  • Drug-Related Crimes: Increase penalties for fentanyl and other drug-related offenses.
  • Community Safety: Unify behind law enforcement to support crime victims and ensure public safety.
  • Combat Organized Crime: Fight against MS-13 and other groups that threaten community safety.