Key Issues & Priorities

Key Issues

  • Constitutional Rights
  • Election Integrity
  • Border Security
  • Parental Rights
  • Energy Independence
  • No Mandates
  • Term Limits
  • Ousting RINOs

Parental Rights

  • Ban All Mandates
  • Protect Women’s Sports
  • Ban CRT, Critical Race Theory in Schools
  • Allow Parents to Audit School Curriculums


  • Fair Trade Deals
  • Energy Independence
  • America First, Buy and Hire American
  • End Regulations That Hurt Businesses
  • Bring Back Overseas Jobs and Manufacturing


  • Finish The Wall
  • Reinstate Title 42
  • Support Border Patrol Agents
  • Stop Human and Drug Trafficking
  • Reinstate Remain in Mexico Program


  • Support School Choice
  • Bring Trades Back to School
  • Ban Child Grooming in Schools
  • Money Follows the Kids Including Homeschooling
  • Strengthen Our Vocational School and Job Readiness Programs

Social Stances

  • Fix the VA and Social Security
  • Focus on The Opioid/Fentanyl/Drug Crisis
  • Religion Should Be Respected, Not Targeted
  • Lower Prescription Drug and Healthcare Prices
  • Pro-Gun, Pro-Life, and Pro-Second Amendment
  • Provide Extended Support to Military Veterans and their Families

Foreign Policy

  • Scrap the Iran Deal
  • No Nation-Building, Our Nation Comes First
  • A Strong Military to Protect Our Way of Life
  • Hold China, Russia, and Others Accountable
  • Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with Israel and Ukraine

Science, Technology, and the Environment

  • Hold Big Tech Accountable for Free Speech
  • Promote Space and Underwater Exploration
  • Support Private-Public Partnerships With NASA
  • Hold Government Accountable for Unwarranted Surveillance on Citizens
  • Look at Alternative Sources of Energy As Long As They Don’t Stifle Economic Growth

Law Enforcement and first Responders

  • Ban All Mandates
  • Back the Blue and First Responders
  • Increase Charges for Fentanyl and Other Drug-Related Crimes
  • Unify Behind Law Enforcement and Support the Victims of Crimes
  • Fight Against MS-13 and Any Other Groups That Threaten Our Way of Life